Wannabees The book soon to be released

WannabeesWell here goes. I have never been one for the social media scene. I just never had very much use for my friends letting me know that they switched to pink lady apples instead of pippen.

Well this will be the first for me but I am hoping to share and explore everyones opinions and comments.
15 yrs ago I wrote a fictional police novel entitled “WANNABEES” It is fictional but based upon true events in my life as a Police Officer in two cities in the OC.

Now the first city I worked for was over run by crime prostitutes and a community of young kids looking to be accepted into the gangs. Their parents worked to make ends meet but were oblivious to where their kids were and as a result forged a new familym of acceptance on the streets.

Now the second city I worked in was filled with the same parents that worked 15 hours a day but for them was to be able to have bragging rights that they live in the village of……… .

Although the book was written 15 yrs ago the scenerios we see at our schools and communities with these horrific shootings still tells the relevant story of the outcast kid or the child who grew up in a dysfunctional environment and found solice with his brothers and sisters on the streets.

The difference between city one and city two is that when you live in a community where everybody barely gets by they have accepted that THOSE THINGS will happen and because it is an economic issue everyone survives with the tragedies because that is the way of life in those communities.

But for city two where everyone has a PHD and a LLC many people refuse to accpt that THOSE THINGS will happen in my back yard. As a result we adopt the NIMBY- not in my backyard attitude. Unfortunately those communities have the wealth and appearance to cover it up.

Wannabees tells the story of these two communities. Along with some romance and hopefully a storyline that will keep the readers interest I am hoping to release it within a couple of months.

So if you are out there and want to share your comments and or opinions please drop by as I will be doing so on a regular basis.



3 thoughts on “Wannabees The book soon to be released

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    Although this book wont be out in e-format for several months and once it does I hope many people will be able to relate to the NIMBY-not in my backyard attitude from neighbors ,councilmen or the people in those cities that maintain the marketing and brand of the city’s exterior. I am hoping that parents and young adults along with after school programs will embrace the book and inspire others to avoid what has been an epedemic for years. With the gang violance and kids getting involved with school shootings that have rocked so many lives I am hoping Wannabees will deter those on the fence of not getting sucked in. I am hoping that the parents will take a look at their responsibilities as parents and take an active role in raising the children rather than being dillusional about what their kids are getting into.

  2. Mark,
    Good luck with the book….more power to you! I’ve also been working on a book for awhile and it’s hard to do that while raising a family and working full time as I do. Still, it’s therapeutic to write about things you care about, I think that’s a good part of why we do it. Now, let’s hope some people get something out of it!

    • Yea its been a long time coming. The trick to get some insider interested and have a good editor who knows people in the industry. Fortunately I ran across both. If u need a good editor let me know and ill turn u on to her

      Good to hear from you

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