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I am a former Police officer and starting writing for fun about 15 years ago. I wrote my forst book Wannabees then moved onto THE CODE- of silence. Both fictional crime police novels based on real events. I am originally from Queens NY but migrated with the fam in the early 60s. I currently live in naheim CA commonly efeed o he OC.

LA TIMES articles

The LA Times had two articles about youth gang violance. One about the Jordan downs projects and the next about violence in the media, specifically the movies. Both of these two articles dealt with what my book is about and how most peop[le believe that THOSE THINGS only happen in the barrios or the projects, but people they happen EVERYWHERE.
Check out the fron page of the Sunday LA TIMES

I am glad your passionate about this topic. I am new to the blogging world but as a former Police Officer I have put a lot of time and energy educating people on youth and guns/violance etc

Solution to Gun Violence: Living Wage Jobs & Education for lower and middle class Americans

This is the partial text of a letter I recently sent to President Barrack Obama regarding violence, schools, education and gun violence.

While I understand the need to discuss gun control and perhaps the type of gun, number of bullets and background checks, these steps sadly represent only buckets of water thrown on the already complicated and controversial reasons for the raging fire.

Painfully, the end result of this raging fire has been the loss of many young lives. While trying to put out the fire is a necessary and admirable goal, the bigger question and objective is to how and why the fire ignited in the first place.

I am asking your Presidential power and influence to propose and champion a legislative initiative entitled Jobs and Education for Americas’ Youth that would begin to provide a comprehensive solution for the raging fire that would act as not only a…

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Wannabees The book soon to be released

WannabeesWell here goes. I have never been one for the social media scene. I just never had very much use for my friends letting me know that they switched to pink lady apples instead of pippen.

Well this will be the first for me but I am hoping to share and explore everyones opinions and comments.
15 yrs ago I wrote a fictional police novel entitled “WANNABEES” It is fictional but based upon true events in my life as a Police Officer in two cities in the OC.

Now the first city I worked for was over run by crime prostitutes and a community of young kids looking to be accepted into the gangs. Their parents worked to make ends meet but were oblivious to where their kids were and as a result forged a new familym of acceptance on the streets.

Now the second city I worked in was filled with the same parents that worked 15 hours a day but for them was to be able to have bragging rights that they live in the village of……… .

Although the book was written 15 yrs ago the scenerios we see at our schools and communities with these horrific shootings still tells the relevant story of the outcast kid or the child who grew up in a dysfunctional environment and found solice with his brothers and sisters on the streets.

The difference between city one and city two is that when you live in a community where everybody barely gets by they have accepted that THOSE THINGS will happen and because it is an economic issue everyone survives with the tragedies because that is the way of life in those communities.

But for city two where everyone has a PHD and a LLC many people refuse to accpt that THOSE THINGS will happen in my back yard. As a result we adopt the NIMBY- not in my backyard attitude. Unfortunately those communities have the wealth and appearance to cover it up.

Wannabees tells the story of these two communities. Along with some romance and hopefully a storyline that will keep the readers interest I am hoping to release it within a couple of months.

So if you are out there and want to share your comments and or opinions please drop by as I will be doing so on a regular basis.